Mar 23, 2010


salam. it has been 2 days since my last post :) if possible i want to update my blog every single day. lalala now i'm at home. today i'll go back to cyber :) i can't wait. because tomorrow we will go to sunway p. and ice skate. hehehe it'll be my first time. i bet its gonna be so much fun huhuhu omar said he wants to teach me how to ice skate :) yeayy!

and i really miss eqa :) hehe bangge la kau kan?kan?kan?haha

and to RASYIDAH RAHIM good luck in ur performance. irama malaysia ke, asli ke, nasyid ke, rock ker,...hang pulun semuaaa! :)

heeee i really gotta go. i want to study physicss :) update later :) salam.


syida said...

rock??? lain tahun la...huhu..have fun!!

shazzy :) said...

pegi sunway tak ajak aku kan :( haaa lagi 1 usha blog aku meh

sarah_liyana said...

oit moon..rindu~

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