May 8, 2010

i hate drving

hey ho! :P
my name is munirah and i hate drving! haha seriously, i rather walk under the sun than driving. i just hateeeeeeeeeeeee driving, if driving is a person, i will torture him. reallyy..i just dont want to drive, so i better get good grades,good job, good life and a good DRIVER! haha. i'm a bad driver, i want to invent a skateboard that can float on air, just like the one in Back To The Future :P no need to park. haha. i hate parking tooo....hate hate hate!!!! thats all. tq :)

Usher's new song[is it new?i don't outdated haha], titled OMG,is weird. i don't know why but its kinda weird. haha

i <3 this song. JBJ is hot. but i love Richie Sambora.ahha

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