Jun 2, 2010


salam n hi to all. this is my first update during the holiday, which is going to end soon :) i hate holidays, i don't know what to do, i just love having my friends around me..so i cant wait for the new trimester.
free PALESTINE. may ALLAH bless you all.

ps ; i dont really have time to write nowadays. maybe during the new trimester i'll update more.


naz said...


FS*RawkS* said...

yeah the "defence" thingy mmg a big pile of bullshit.

btw, u've been missing for quite some time. hehe :)

anis.farhana said...

i'm so sorry
ak mmg nk pegi umah ko
but..too much things to do here

a thousand apologies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cik bulan said...

naz : amin :)

fsrawks : yep, totally bullshit. quite busy these days, or lazy maybe?hehe

anis : it's okay..we meet in kl ya