Jul 7, 2010

last weekend

helo :) just want to update about my last weekend. went out with taiki, eqa n omar to buy stuff for their assignment. it was fun, we should do that again :) then i met farah. and also mirul. thnks guys , i really had a great time, miss u guys already

omar n his wig!
me n fara

mirul xD
mirul again
japanese style / solat style hehe

friends forever guys!
thinking :S
saw badi! u guys are cuteeeee XD but me n taiki are awesome!
thnks guys for always be there for me, i really need u guys right now. please, be my friends forever. don't ditch me please, i love all my friends, doesn't matter if we're close or not. we're friends.

someone just ditched me, i really like him as my friend and i do care about him.u are a good friend,but u don't care about my feelings at all, i can't believe that he would do this, i'm not angry at him, i'm upset :'( feel like crying. thanks to you, u know that i'm always here, and if u still wanna be friend, i'm okay with that. damn this is really hard. i don't know what i feel right now. it doesn't feel right, i want to make things better.

i want to move on. but moving on is hard, and i'm not so strong. if u really don't want to be in my life, how can i forget u? how can i get over u?? i can't :( i'm not that kind of person. i know that i'm not a good friend. but please..just remember all the memories we had together.one of the best thing that ever happened to me is u.

i just don't know what to say right now.

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