Jul 11, 2010

no title

i'm so bored right now :( i wanna sleep, but i slept too much already. more than 14 hours today..haha. going to watch the WC with mak, ayah long n mak long. ayah is not home, he's in Sabah. so i won't be able to see him before i go to mmu tomorrow. miss u ayah. :(

i wanna go out, alone. i enjoy going out alone. but i don't know when. aishhhhh.

i don't want to go to class, i just hate it. this trimester sucks. i hate human development. i don't know why but i just don't like it. this subject is killing me. haihhhhh..my fav.subject for this trimester is physics. so trueeeee....i used to hate it but now i like it...

i really miss someone right now. can't wait to see u. xD

thats all i think. tata ~

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