Sep 11, 2010

2nd day.

it's the 2nd day!
nothing much to do, i have to study after this.
it's hard, since i didn't attend classes.haha
padan muka! but i'm gonna study like crazy this time!
i'm not the study kind of person, i like to buat-suka-hati-aku-aje!
it works in school...but in uni...u don't wanna do that. :O

btw, i know what i'm going to buy with the duit raya.
i'll post about it after i buy it,
since i always end up buying other things.

the 2nd trimester is going to end.
and someone is going away.
i'm going to miss u.A LOT.
ana moshtaq lak. =(
take care okay?

thats all for now.

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