Sep 15, 2010

the best

march, april & may 2010
i miss those months
it's like the best time of my life!

and i HATE june 2010.


FS*RawkS* said...

samaaaa, sep! :'(

Eh kite tak bgtau lagi kat mana kite dl movie:

p/s: u know Maher Zain is coming kan? i was overexcited sampai i was the first to comment on his status tau. wahahaha~

cik bulan said...

thnks! =)

i know dia datang. g shah alam pulak tuhhh! nak dia =)

FS*RawkS* said...

nak buat mcm mana, Shah Alam tempat terpilih. miahahaha~ ^^