Sep 3, 2010

HD group.

salam. hi. before this i've been writing about my HD Group.I just got the pictures. So, this is it.
click the picture for better view. =)
the group ++ Mr. Omar n Mr.Taiki

Mr.Sadiq[Akon] and Mr. Jabrrrrrrr
Adik Farhan n Mr.Engine
Jabrrrrr, Engine, Akon
My lovely adik. Omar & Farhan 
The gangsta .aha
Brotherly love ;)
Mr.Ahmad aka Engine
Mr.Moghaddam aka The Prof
Bro Sadiq aka Akon
The Broken Family,haha
Rozita, Franky & Dad
Thanks to both of you!
=) yeayy!
 * this is my group! you guys are the best. Although some problems occur but we made it. Thanks to all. and thanks to my brothers, Taiki n Omar for helping us =) there are two more people in this group, but i don't have their picture, Adib & Louai.
*btw, Thanks again  :)


FS*RawkS* said...

kemain akon. haha layout cantik! ni yg mmg dlm blogger tu ke amik kat website lain?

cik bulan said...

hot tuhhh...skarang i kawan ngan celebrity jer..haha

nie blogger yang punyaaa..heh