Sep 28, 2010

morning !

good morning!
i just woke up. quite late,well i'm on holiday. so yeah! =) i kinda like this holiday. No reason. Well, what am i  going to do today? I'm gonna sleep the whole day. Whenever I'm at home, I'll sleep early, this house has some kind of aura....haha! I'm not going anywhere..I'll go out tomorrow, maybe, with my mother.

and I may go to the hospital as well. I had a minor surgery like 5/6 years ago, my blood vessel burst, it looks like i have a bruise on my gums. it turn out that that the bruise is still there,..

okay lah, now i'm sooooo hungry. I wanna eat now. bye guys!


anis.farhana said...

selamat tidur^^

tell me bout the bruise later!

cik bulan said...

ahaa..bende lame lah anis

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