Sep 10, 2010

pagi raya.

like always. just our family.
ayah still give us duit raya, up sikit this year,
ayah, kitorang dah besar dah pun. tak bagi pun tak kesah lol.
malam nie pegi rumah cousin kott, tapi cuak pulak since i block them on facebook.
bukan block la, but they can't view my pictures n statuses. ahha
jahat aku nie kan.
i bercamwhore tadi, lame xsyok sendiri amik gamba banyak2 ^_^
will upload later since now i'm using donny's lappy.
okay guys, have to go now.

ps ; hey u! chefaez to be precise. i miss u sooooooooo much! i love you! i know u're busy but i still want to bother u. i miss u. 2 more weeks baby, after my final, we'll meet. really i miss youuu =(

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Anonymous said...

donny??? heheheheheheheeheheheheeheheheh~~ ouh wait.. kau dgn che balek ke?!