Dec 24, 2010

the best :D

i'm soooooo bored,
done with my classes today,
i was waiting for the new episodes of big bang theory,
no big bang this week, they'll continue on 6th jan next year
i forgot to check. sigh~

the series is basically about four geeks,
Sheldon, Leonard, Raj n Howard. They make friends with a hot girl Penny,
which is soooo not their type. this series is super funny! it's unique.
it's not like how i met ur mother,totally different.
i never get bored with the series, i can watch it like million times.
~true story :)

this is Dr. Sheldon Cooper :)
my favourite character.
he's supergenius, annoying, weird[ that makes him funny]
he did won Emmy for the outstanding lead actor in comedy tv series ;)
this is Leonard, he's in love with Penny,
he's nice, and weird of course!
Dr. Raj Koothrappali
he's the funniest, but he can't talk to women except when he's drunk!
Howard Wolowitz, an engineer.
He's A Horny Jewish ahha

i think that's all.
the show is awesome!
if u want the series,
u can ask me ;)


sarah said...

sheldon comel gila! ak br tgk season 1 je.

cik bulan said...

yeahhhh ade geng! best gile kan!!!!!

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