Dec 22, 2010


comicfest is super AWESOME!
it was my first time
went there with eqa,kay,taiki and boke!

evil & angel

nina ghazali :)

melissa is supercomel!

ok this is kinda cute ^_^

the only reason why this picture exist is because he unbuttoned his shirt!
sexy kot..but not really actually.
we were blind by our GRGRRRRRRRrrrr..haha

soapy snowy in pavilion!

we love DOMO!

for all the readers!
D O M O!


loceng said...

kau comel pakai topi domo
rindu membuak2! ^^

cik bulan said...

rinduu kau jugak :(

.:: meanie ninie ::. said...

never seen posts with byk gile pictutes! suke2!;) hey, saya ade tshirt domo gak. *nganga mcm domo* :p

cik bulan said...

hahaha ninie! domo comel ;)

Anonymous said...

moon! nnt angkut aku pegi bende alah nieh...mcm interesting pown ade.. taw2!