Dec 13, 2010


i love them.
i wanna be like them,
they are my idol,
they are my life.

everything i do,
for example,
studying..because of them.
every good deeds that i do,
is because of them.

you are the best mother!
i love u with all my heart.
i'm sorry if i ever hurt u,dissapoint u
i know i did.
thank you for always be there for me,
i love you :')

you are my hero.
u worked late at night,
for our family.
u worked until u're 60.
i want to have a husband like u,
u r the best!
i love you so much.
thanks for everything.

hidup nie senang jer,
xpernah rasa susah,
bukan kaya raya,
tp semua keperluan cukup,
n keinginan pun dorg boleh provide,
bersyukur dgn Allah.

tak tau kenapa emo sgt :(
dah rindu dah mak ayah.

ayah mak,
i promise u, that i'll be someone that can make u proud.
i'll be like both of u.