Jan 2, 2011


i moved on :)
it's not that i found a new guy, i just moved on
i'm totally happy with my life, i feel blessed. Alhamdulillah.
my friends, they helped me a lot, i don't know what im gonna do without them.
i feel free.
i don't have to wait for someone who doesn't want to be with me.
and i don't even remember when i brke up.that's kinda weird because before this i'm kinda menghitung hari, being sad for the whole day for months, feel like lifeless.. maybe because i've been through something like this before. and that makes me a stronger person.
i only cry twice, the day he texted me[the one that makes me upset so much] and the day i called him,which is the day he decided to leave me. thats all. no more tears for someone like that.

okay i have few friends who ended their relationship recently. some of them handle it like a pro but there are some who can't handle it. IT'S HARD. but u have to know that this is something u can't guarantee. i mean the relationship. anything can happen, even if u put ur whole heart to it. u have to be strong, find ur strength, like family or friends, they will definitely help u. sometimes u just don't belong together. sometimes it's not only his/her fault, maybe it's our fault too, but we didn't realize that.

the thing is u have to move on. u have to move forward, don't live in the past. that is just so pathetic. i was in that position before and i have wasted few months of my life. i know u can. i'm just trying to help. it's so sad to see someone who is a happy go lucky person turn into someone different, who seems lifeless. u'll find someone. u'll be happy again.

thats all for now. thanks to my babes for helping me.


nadd. said...

yeayyyy happy for u! asal aku call salu masuk voicemail? huuu

anis.farhana said...

moon! fighting!

cik bulan said...

coz i've been avoiding people..later i'll call u!