Jan 23, 2011


this was taken yesterday,
1 a.a at the LIBRARY
yeahh i went to the library,
thanks Taiki ;)
and pinky sparkles too..
farhan's new name ^_^ sorry bro
taiki, tsuki, pinky sparkles

have u watch the movie

imitating one of the scene in the movie,
the one in the shower,
while listening to pocketful of sunshine
i love that song!

btw, i'm done with my exams,
hope that the result will come out okayyy
i'll be grateful!
since physics n applied math are superharddd!
chemy and english is my only hope,
but the important part is i pass all the papers.
sooooo i can start my degree programme!
i can't wait.

6 weeks break?
i'm gonna watch japanese series,
they are soooo cute weyh!
now, i'm watching mei-chan no shitsuji!

gotta go guys,
love yahhh!

ps; not that anyone cares but i'm in Terengganu!

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