Jan 27, 2011

how i met taiki

kids, it was the year of 2010,it's the year when i meet Taiki or Waleed

how i met taiki? how? by paper aeroplane.
that's is how awesome people met.
it has been a year, today is our first anniversary.
out of nowhere, a paper aeroplane landed on my feet,
i wondered why..it must be something,
then i took the paper aeroplane, and i saw a name on the paper,
something in japanese and waleed,
who the hell is this guy?
and then someone came to me, and it was Taiki, he told me that it was his paper aeroplane.
that is how we met!
[of course i change the story a bit :P, but the paper aeroplane part is true!]

Happy how we met!
it has been a year,
and u're a good brother to me, although u said that u don't care,
but deep down inside i know that u care. u do! A LOT!
and i keep wondering why people say that u're cute,
it's not U that's cute, it's ur VOICE! haha
well, lets do more crazy stuffs and create memories!

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大気 said...

my favourite post! :')