Jan 26, 2011


there's just so much to write, so much to say and so much to think about.
I'm just hoping for the best now,
i planned my life, and now it's upside down, i'm broken, but guys i'm gonna stay strong,
i'm gonna move forward, i'll do the best i could,
i'm gonna fix my broken heart by myself,
writing is the only way i can express myself,
yeahh i seemed happy before, like 1 month ago,
because i didn't write anything here, it was in my other blog, but it's not easy to handle 2 blogs,
so now i'm using this one.
and because i was busy making myself,
i went out every weekend, meeting friends,
just to make myself busy,..well now it's not working
i have 6 weeks break and i gotta face this right?eventually..

to u-know-who-u-are
sorry that i texted u the other day, this is so tough for me,
i did love u, and i still am
and it's not a lie,
what i promised u, told u,
all are true
i don't want u to think that it was all a lie
i'll try my best not to disturb u, or interfere in ur life.
if that what makes ur life easier, and good for u,
i'll do it.
broken hearts can be mend,aite?
i'll try.

to my friends : sorry for not picking up calls, i'll call back, life is kinda hectic now, with the new house and all. take care!


anis.farhana said...

kau dah pindah rumah ka? call me when u need me, we could meet this raya cina if u want. moon be strong. u know i love you :)

cik bulan said...

heyyy xpindah laaaa...just buat rumah lain kat ganu...tgk la nanti kalau aku takde benda nak wat okay?i'll call u

大気 said...

baka!! if you have problems and need to talk, then talk to your friends! (the awesome ones..like me) thats what were here for!

cik bulan said...

baka! i just don't want to burden u with my emotional thingy,... or do u want me to call u 24/7 :P
thanks taiki!

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