Feb 5, 2011

hey you, i miss you :(

the post is about the guy in the picture below,
well i kinda miss him, he's in Malacca now
and we're not really in touch right now.
yeah, something happened i guess,
well i admit, i did some mistakes.
i just hope that one day,that we'll be okay again
like we used to be.
i'm sorry if i ever done anything that u don't like.
of course i have. lol

he's like a brother to me/good friend
he is, and yes he's a bit weird,
but in a good way,
i like the way he thinks,
i like to listen to his thoughts

we quarreled a lot,
yaaa..a lot, but about small things
and he likes to write poems
so before he went to Malacca,
I asked him to write a poem and give it to me.
and he gave it to me,
but I didn't give him anything,I feel bad

I wrote a poem for him,it's about our friendship
It was my first English poem ever,
but I felt shy at that time,
and didn't give it to him

he used to read my blog,
that's why sometimes I write in English
and I hope u are reading this,
I miss u kteeeeer!

thanks for being a good friend of mine,
It was fun walking with u and talking about
It was just awesome back then,

I hope u get what u want,
and study well in Malacca,
remember ur reason to go there??

u'll always be someone in my life :)
if u need a friend, u can count on me,
InshaAllah ;)

take care bro!
ana moshtaq lak.

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Anonymous said...

hei mun..hahaha