Mar 24, 2011

awesome dayhhh!

i woke up early and went to class today! impressive. my class started at 9am and ended at 11am. it was superrrrboring. well today i learnt about the pollution thingy, carbon footprints and many more boring stuff! i was alone today in the class, no awesome people todayh! tido kottt dorg.

then after that, i went to the stadium, with FCM kids. making videos and all those weird stuff that they need to do. 11am until 1.30pm. it was funinghot. but it was awesome.

then we went to CFC to eat. after eat,we have to wait for taiki. then ,ali taught me the easier way to play guitar. and some songs. the easy one of course.well thank you ali!

and I just saw Tony.B today. he's getting hotter each day. haha daymm, sumpah cair lah kan. saw him when i got back from class, and just now,outside the shop. aih. hari ni dia Chelsea!


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