Mar 5, 2011


This month is gonna be awesome. *i say the word awesome too much, don't blame me..blame Barney Stinson -.- . by the way, why is March awesome? why? because there's a lot of awesome movie this month. 

127 hours
the movie is about a guy Aron Ralston. He broke his hand on purpose and cut it using a knife to save his life. btw, it's a true story, u can google it. I've watched a documentary about this Aron. for me it's kinda creepy, U BREAK UR OWN HAND AND THEN U CUT IT??? errr... I have to watch this movie, i must. I can't wait ;) plus, the lead actor is JAMES FRANCO. *melting *_* hehe

I watched the trailer and i think it's funny. and JOHNNY DEPP. my favourite weirdo :D

and there's a lot more. Sanctum, Drive Angry and etc. well I love movies so much, I rather go to the movies than go to whatever place that is boring, like...idon'tknow whatever :S

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bellezulkifli said...

babe i dah tengok that 127 hours movies. and i just came back from NYC. skype pleae!!