Apr 11, 2011


busy weekend guys. i went out with Sare, we went to 6 places in a day. but it was a BLAST. i had a great time. btw, i watched a movie.
World Invasion Battle of LA

i kinda satisfied with the movie. It's not really awesome but it's good. This is a combat movie, I never watch this kind of movie I think. I hate war movies -.- it's too depressing..I cried for about 3 times, of course because someone died in the movie...nak bunuh sana bunuh sini...aishhhh. oh I forgot to mention that this movie have aliens...yeahhhhh, lame aite -.- but it's okay. I had a great time. and the thing is.... US always win..even with the aliens..meteors...ghost...all stuff. kuat betul imaginasi dorg. haha.
Mr. Two Face from The Dark Knight

he's the best.


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whiteCASTLE said...

imlay is mineeeee..!!!