May 3, 2011

i wanna hold your hand

I've been listening to songs for like hours now. it helps me to stay awake :)

best pulak pakcik beatles nie

i don't know for how long i'm gonna love you,
but for now,
i'm sure that...
i still am :'(


whiteCASTLE said...

awak ni jiwang la..hehe

awak ok?

tp aku lg ske kurt nyanyi..


cik bulan said...

ok la kottt....

yg original lah best,aku tak suke la kurt nyanyi..aku suke kurt je huhu

Izyan Hanis said...

this song.
ade sweet memories dgn hakim
but currently, i hate him to death

ha ha ha

but i still love the song!

cik bulan said...

iezy : hehe no comment, tp lagu nie mmg besttt... :]

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