May 2, 2011

not feeling very well la today -.-

* u spin my head right round right round

morning peeps. i just woke up and im not feeling very well. maybe this is because of what i did yesterday. i went to cyberia with a friend and then we walked in the rain. the thing is we don't go back straight to the hostel. we did some talking for almost an hour, under the rain. so no wonder im not feeling well. -.- my bad.

when i was sleeping yesterday, i got a text from someone. i don't know how to reply the text. but i did reply the text. there's a lot of things i wanna write here, but this is not the right place to write.hmmm :(

today i'm gonna study!. so good luck to myself. :)

i just can't seem to remove all the evidence of you...

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大気 said...

oh! sorry moon!!! feeling okay though -.-...hope you get better!!! XD