Oct 1, 2011

better than words

full of pictures!
i should post this on tumblr but what nahhhhh..

all the pictures were taken when i was at the happiest moment of my life,
true story! I miss hanging out with all of u, but i know we're busy now
It's okay, lets just hope that the future is so much better than this. 

one upon a time when we all have less fat xD

behave moon, behave!

my favourite picture! heeee eqa was pulling her wig :D

uncle ali!

awwwwww :')



missing naqeeb!

omar, our prostit....

i will never forget this stupid assignment :)


burgerrrrr ^_^

i have a lot of dreams,
and u guys are one of it ;)



Omar Hkias said...

am still skinny and fit!! maybe now even more skinny :P :P i wish we get to hang out that much again! :(
love u moon

myra yusreena said...

ececehh sweetnye munnn :DD

affeqahrohaizat said...

i didnt pulled her wig... :P
sayang ang mrs oj.. >.<

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