Nov 22, 2011

life so far

aku lah manusia paling grand di dunia haha

hyper i know


dengan calon ustaz yang berwibawa

master taiki!

excited :D

 done with instrument report!

kawan foundation. the best indian friend i ever had! :D
abg guru weh!

class -.-

awan nana and me <3

i've been hanging out with a bunch of awesome people. It was funnnn! Some people keep on hurting me but that doesn't matter because i have these guys in my life!
there are people who i used to be close with, but people change. so do i. there's no point of staying in someone life if they don't need you. and the worst part is they don't want you to be in their life. 

and if i stop talking to u that means i gve up on you. dont ever come to me for anything. because ill help u. thats how stupid i am and i dont wanna be stupid anymore. it's not because i dont the love the friendship, it's because u dont deserve a spot in my life
cewahhhh berlagak aku ahaha
banyak lagi org baik2 kat dunia nie

u're a grown up and u should know how to do things..
thank you.
daymmmmmmm so emotional haha.
but this cme from my heart.

and my midterm exam starts next weekkk!
errrrr study mode!
got class with Tan Sri KArim's son tomorrow! xD

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