Dec 21, 2011


i just read something that u wrote for me last year, damn i miss you. and sometimes i do feel like talking to you but i dont feel that excited anymore..talking to u :\  dont know why. is it me or is it u?

i've changed. A lot. I don't wanna be close with anyone. I'm not good at this. because in the end, for me, everyone will walk away. maybe one day i'll open my eyes but not now. I'm grateful with what i have now. I'm good. I just don't want someone come into my life, get really close with me and then walk away. that's not how i roll. I would like to keep my friends with me, not just for few months, but as long as i can.

well I do miss u, our friendship and everything but u keep on making assumptions on me, without asking and i dont need that. back helped me go through things that i dont think i can survive. thank you for that. but you have to move on with your life and so do i.

always pray for you. ure the best :)

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