Dec 4, 2011

i never

im having trouble sleeping -.-


there's just so many things to think about.

i never thought that my life would turn out this way
i never thought that i could love someone like this
i never thought that i would be this weak
i never thought that i could give up easily
i wish i never knew you.

and i found this on the net, this is exactly how i feel. For the past 11months..

 i wish i never came to know you,
to love you for the person you were,
the things you did and most importantly
how you made me feel
i wish i never opened the gates and doors
of my heart for you
i wish i could've raised the drawbridge
so you could go wandering someplace else
perhaps then my heart wouldn't break
perhaps i wouldn't find getting over you this difficult
i find the world too small to accommodate my wrath
nothing's lilke it used to be

i will mourn your departure the only way i know how

and oh i just need some time,
to sit and think about what ive been through
to figure out my life
i know im still young
i have to learn from my mistakes
that's the part of growing up

but how long do i have to feel this?

I just hope that even on my weakest day, i get a little bit stronger.

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