Dec 15, 2011


i just watched the expandables 2 trailer
i think it's going to be awesome
because they have Chuck Norris. haha screw the others..
they even have Van Damme , Schwazenegger , and Bruce Willis.
how awesome is that.

I'm so gonna watch this movie.
but it will be much better if they have Mickey Rourke
no more this face -.-

Chuck Norris is so gonna kill me, i dnt put his picture here.hah
okay here are some of the jokes;

1 ) when Alexander Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls from Chuck Norris
2) Chuck Norris has always been to Mars ; that's why there are no signs of life
3) Chuck Norris donates blood to NASA for rocket fuel
4) Chuck Norris can draw a perfect circle with a ruler.
and you can google it yourself if u want to read it. if u're brave enough haha

andddddddd I havent watch The Muppets yet!

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