Mar 20, 2010

2nd post for today...

salam again :) hope u guys are doing well :) smile2. heee. eating quater pounder yummy3, and not less than 30 minutes b4 i ate 2 pieces of mcdonald's fried chicken :) damn i'm gonna be bigger

and today i went shopping with mimises. and im so happy that i found what i want :) been looking for that thing long time agooooo..

i feel relief! seriously. although there something that bothers me,but i'm still happy. thnks for the outing babe :) really need that.

i just like to walk/ spend my money when i'm sad/depressed. i don't know why i did that. when i don't have money,i'll go for a walk. it calms me down.

ahha. i want to continue eating :) see u guys soon! i'll update moreee :p

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