Mar 19, 2010

this is it... munirah!

salam n hi to all :) this is me, munirah :) i deleted my previous post. i don't know why :S i just want to start over. i even did a new blog,but its not working. i LOVE this blog so much. so i'll stick with this one. :D

so many things happened in my life, wonderful things! bad things happened too. but, u know what? i want to cherish every moment, i want to live my life :) i hope that my life turn out to be just fine.

i think it has been like almost 2 months i've been in my new uni. i've changed,i did my homeworks.. by myself :) this is for my parents,for emak n ayah. i really love u guys. sorry that i let u down :( but i promise,i will do my best to make u guys proud. my love for u guys will never never never never ever stops.

and i met a new friend. i like to be his friend. i really do,i think he understands me a LOT. since no one understands me here. but i think he's mad at me. i just want to say i'm sorry.

i'm in UM now. visiting my buddies,really miss them :( and i do miss my kindergarten buddies, gbs n 503 buddies.

okay,i think that's all. thanks for reading :)


anis.farhana said...

aku x rindu?

cik bulan said...

of course lahhh..rindu everything kottt :)

F a r i z z a i d I said...

weh, now kaw ape citer ?
sorry ah lme gilaa x tgk ur blog.
x berkesmptn ;(

cik bulan said...

ramai tataw aku ape citer skang. aku dah lame xactive blogging.skang br nak active balik.nanti aku buat posttt :)