Jul 2, 2010

yesterday was fun!

it was AWESOME!!!!! and it is lagen--wait for it----dary!!!! the day sucks at first, because of something. i don't wanna write about it, and if u ask me,i won't tell. because it sucks :( hmm..it's okay, nevermind.

we had our dinner in KFC. Eqa, Kay, Taiki and Omar. it was really fun. so many things happened. after that we went to HB3 cafe. and that was really funny, ~Taiki haha

 so i think, let the pictures do the talking now :D

just shout whenever and i'll be there! haha
kay, eqa, me, taiki and omar!
learning cantonese!
omar, u look comel in this picture! love itttt!
my baby messi! good luck tonight :) hehe
my two roomies heeee :)
messi again!!!!
crossing XD
peace heee

omg Taiki!!!! what r u doing???
this was made by my brother, omar! love u heeee
thank you so much guys! i'm happy when i'm with u guys. u guys are so funny :) and nice too. really i mean it. i hope that this friendship will last forever :) friends forever guys!!!! and the best part is WE LOVE CAM-WHORING :)

lots of love,
moon wolowitz! ahaaa

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FS*RawkS* said...

ur friend Taiki is not the worst case scenario. kita pernah tertumpah air sirap satu cawan penuh kena baju ngan seluar sampai ke seat, buntut semua basah ya. dan baju itu ialah baju putih. dan jeans ialah jeans lusuh yg biru cair gile. merah wey baju. hahah