Aug 11, 2010

life now

Salam and hi guys. it has been quite sometime since i write here, i mean about my life. Life is just fine right now. Everything is okay, study and all. I've been busy studying for the past two weeks. Haha, weird right? but it's okay, this is a good thing =)

I don't like those who like to whine. It annoys me. I really hate it. How about you just shut up and live your life? This is life, life has it's ups and downs. If u want your life to be better, change something about yourself, try to make things better, not just complain and blame others. I'm sick of u. Thank you.

I have sleeping problems. I want to sleep early. I must. *sigh. How can I sleep early? I really need to. Help me please =(

I think thats all for now. SELAMAT BERBUKA =) another one hour to go. hehe. take care.

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naz said...

chill n enjoy it selamat berbuka :)