Nov 26, 2010


i run out of tv series to watch,
so i decided to watch the next iron chef season 3.
It's awesome!
superrrrr awesome and it's making me hungryyyyy
i finished the whole seoson in one day
what a good day ;)

the chefs
this is my favourite chef,
Marc Forgione!
he's amazing! look at his hair!

this is the final two, n the next iron chef is Chef Forgione!

my favourite episode is when they have to make breakfast.
Using Coffee and Doughnuts! Love it!
okay, i need food im starving!

now i'm watching Hell's Kitchen,
this one makes me CUAK :O
banyak sgt mencarut! haihhhh

ape2 pun,

FORGIONE rocks!!!!!! 

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