Nov 9, 2010

hbb taiki!

happy birthday Taiki! belated! we love u =)
hope that this will cheer u up :)


omar n eqa

habis comel lah tu :P

they can't stop fighting! dua2 nak menang kot xD
lovely couple!
experiencing camwhore!
yo! pimp! haha
alololololo ;)
omarrrrrr :)
with mua bitchesssss haha

it was one of the best night ever. You guys are AWESOME. you guys are more than friends, we're like family. i love all of you, without u guys here, i'm alone. They are the reason for me to smile, here. Really, i'm happy. feel like crying now,..i'm so touched. =)

remember, we always be there for each other. we need each other. u guys are my LIFE :)

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