Feb 21, 2011

bye2 fats :)

i just got myself a new skipping rope
and i love rope skipping so much,
well it's very easy.

i used to do it like everyday,
and i lost like 5-7 kgs
after that i stop.haha
typical me!

well i guess i need to lose some weight,
i'm 20,so i need to.haha
i know that this can help and it's the easiest way :)
my target is below 55kgs.

InshaAllah :)

I wanna be healthy.
and i'm on my way to stop eating FASTFOOD.
it is so hard. 
McDonalds kotttt.hehe
but for the last 2 months I only eat fastfood ONCE.
so I can stop eating fastfood.
bubyeeee. I have to control my desire,
for my own good :D

thats all i think. tata <3

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