Feb 8, 2011


well congrats to all my FCM buddies,
for those who got what they want,
I think all of them got what they want.

well I still don't know about my major yet,
this is making me nervous
maybe in two days the result will be out
so i'll wait, which is so not my favorite thing to do.
crossing fingers! *praying ^_^ yoshhhhh

talking about FCM,someone from FCM gave me this,
Thank god that he sent this to my inbox,n not on my wall -.-
he always make jokes about me loving him. lame right?
well the picture is kinda good though, he made me LMAO
hahaha u just made my day,
but if he keep on doing this, i'm gonna puch his SMALL stomach!
he should be grateful that i have a sense of humor xD

thats all for today,
i'm just hoping for the best,
because i really want to do telecommunication engin


大気 said...

thanks moon!!!! I read youre blog evert time you update! ...im a stalker now!...im still waiting for you know what!

cik bulan said...

hahaha which poem do u want?
love or hate?

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