Feb 9, 2011

alhamdulillah :)

the result has been released this morning,
and Alhamdulillah, my result is not awesome,
but I'm grateful.
I was worry before..well who doesn't?
Applied Mathematics was super/megahard for me...
but I passed, and it's better than I thought.
maybe because Mr.Vijaya feel sorry for me?,..because it was my last trimester.
well i think so, thanks to u. u're the hottest lecturer ever! :)

now I can proceed my degree,
Telecommunication Engineering.
I'm done playing around, I'm gonna be serious!
well..not too serious,haha
I'll do my best.
this is for my parents and myself!

now....the holiday begins! weeewooo
and congrats to my friend!

and for those, who are down right now because of the result,
think carefully. It's ur future, plus nothing is easy!
u can do it, don't choose something because it's easy,
choose it because u want to and it's good for u.
believe me, I've been there, I made a mistake,
but I never regret the mistake I've done.
at least I like what I'm going to do in my future.
but it's better if u don't do the mistake. because it waste ur time.

that's all I think for now.

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