Feb 10, 2011

lets talk about love

I once had it, but now it's gone
maybe the love is not so strong,
if it's strong I'll do anything to make sure that the relationship keep growing,
but what i did? nothing.
i just feel sad, and do nothing.
i just write about my sadness and,do nothing
i just cry and, do nothing.
well maybe because I feel betrayed,
all the promises and everything...
that's why I'm sad.
It's like I'm wasting my time.
I did love and I still feel sad,
but the love is not so strong.
that's why the relationship cannot go on.

I would love to have someone who cares about me, love me, do what he say..
I never choose people based on their looks,
Although I love looking at the hot guys, thats normal. I bet u too?
if he's hot, thats a bonus! but hotness is subjective..kan3?
but in the end its the heart what we are looking for...
I don't care if he's not the guy in my dream,
as long as i feel comfortable with him, it's okay.
I want someone who I can share things with,
someone who I can open up to

thats all i think, this is just a random post. because i'm bored and hungry :) grrrrr

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