Feb 2, 2011

too bored,i guess

i wanna start reading harry potter,
well too much freetime,
i'm just soooooo bored,
i'm going to read it,
but i don't know whether i'm gonna finish it or not.
reading is not even my hobby,
i only read textbooks, 
and that is because i have to/i must.

goodluck to me!


FS*RawkS* said...

okay kalau awak tak habis baca harry potter awk mmg lah orang paling tak suka membaca buku cerita langsung

cik bulan said...

hehehe tgh try nieeee :)
mcm tak mampu jer hehe

anis.farhana said...

goodluck with the reading..ahaha
comic aku yang pendek pun ko susa baca..btw, your background i loike!