Mar 20, 2011


hey... i just woke up. today i'm gonna write about something that i love. RINGS. i love rings so much. i have a tons of rings. it's like the best thing ever. now i'm looking for the rare one. my favorite ring would be the one that my mother gave me. she got it from Egypt.
she carved my name on the ring. but in hieroglyphic alphabet.

here are some of the rings that i like. i love the piano,guitar and grenade and the wiredlove and all of it...yeahh i'm crazy about rings...i think all of this can be found in Malaysia. i just have to look for it.

this would be a very unique wedding ring.


for the geeks

so cuteeeeeeeeeee

how about throwing these to Bruno Mars?
thats all.bubbyeeee. <3

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