Apr 17, 2011

of usj19 and fitness test.

last Thursday, we went to Ali's again. for the video thingy, i was so bored at that time, so i decided to help them. they made two videos. the first one is from the movie badboys.they have to re-act the scene. the scene is only 53 secs i think, but its kinda hard. i salute all the people who make movies. u guys are awesome! then  the other video, is a documentary. they made a documentary about ghost. 
here are some of the pictures..


it was funnn. then on Friday ade fitness test. 15 marks. it was raining at first and my lecturer said that the test is canceled. but then he decided to do the test, because the rain stopped. i was like....arghhhhhhhhhhh..we ran four rounds. for guys if they want to get full mark, they have to run less than 6 mins & 30 secs...and 8 mins 30 secs for girls. it's hard for me because running, jogging is not my thing. haha berapa dekad dah aku tak lari2 nieeee -.- no one gets 15 i think. the fastest pun 6 mins 45 secs kot.mine is 10 mins smthing. mencecah tanah lidah aku..hahaha suruh la aku buat ape pun, jgn suruh lari jer, rasa mcm nak menangis pon adeeeee...then sakit pinggang sampai skang...orang hebat mmg begitu XD haha

oh..to be continued...malas nak tulis sekarang...tata~~

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