May 1, 2011


I've been busy lately. and i'm so tired. haiz. plus i'm too lazy to write anything. i'm alone in cyber, and i don't know what to do. but i actually like living alone. i wanna go out but i have to save up my money. i'm going out with a friend. later.

so i just watch movie the whole day and play sharky. i'm learning some new songs and patience is what i need right now :)

my exam will be on 10th may and 20th may. so i think i should start study by tomorrow, since i need to do a lot of reading. A LOT, and reading is not even my hobby.

well i guess i have to write in english. oh english is so bad :( a friend asked me to write in english because he doesn't understand malay. Mr.Taiki, how long have u been in Malaysia? haha

btw, good luck to all my friends. 7azzan mwfkan fe emt7ank :D [mr.J taught me this]

for all the readers!

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大気 said...

excuse me! im still learning malay!! but thanks for writing in english! :D