May 1, 2011


haiz -.- why people are so ****ing emotional now. i don't know whether i should write about this or not. but what the hell.. this is about the kpop thingy. *aha i'm dead! well i'm not a hater or a fan of kpop. i'm neutral. *peace yawwww

i think most of you have heard of 24:7, which is also known as the malaysian kpop group. errrrrr..why kpop? no comment. but it's hilarious. they already have a page on facebook, an anti page to be precise. a lot of haters. well from their pictures, they kinda look creepy. abg peja tahir bukak baju pn kontrovesi, ini taktaulahhh haha but i don't hate them, i just don't care. it's up to them. but.....nahhhhh i don't care heh.

some of my friends were messing with the people who LIKED the page. and those people are so emotional, that is just lame,sorry..i'm just saying-.- how about you just ignore them and do other things that makes you happy, why bother hating someone who doesn't even know you, or not even related to you.

sorry for making this post, i just can't resist :O there's actually a lot of things i wanna write on this topic. but it's okay, it's not that important. well guys, if u're not a supporter, don't be a hater! not cool.

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