May 5, 2011

we got each other

heyyyyyooo :]
i'm done with my volleyball quiz, Alhamdulillah it was okay :) so now i have to study for engineer and society.. geez. the exam will be on next Tuesday, and right after that i'm gonna meet up with my friends. going to meet Ched and Miss Nado . and maybe i can meet KakShazzyRasa too?

ohhh today was AWESOME. not awesome :( i was financially barred, which means i can't print my exam slip. i went to the finance division for a couple of times already. the thing is, I've already paid the fees -.- and my head was really messed up. so i called my mom, and asked her to fax the receipt AGAIN and bla2... hmm well the system is kinda sucks :S *sorry peace bro[ in this case,bro is my uni] then after the volley2 quiz, i went back to my room. and sleep like a very cute log. for hours but now i'm still sleepy...
ssup yawww!

looking forward for the exams, i can't wait :] weeehhhhh!

ohhh guys, follow me on twitter. moontarry okay?

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