Jun 1, 2011


it was awesome! live with my grandma for few days, i miss her so much! i love her. well, i do miss my late grandpa too :'( it has been 4 years. i still remember all the memories we had. 

well my grandma is soooooooooo small. she's like 1/2 of me..small aite? she's 70++. i just love her, i love talking to her..miss her already..it's okay i'll go back to my hometown on hari raya.

my house in terengganu is located near the beach...so i went to the beach for a couple of times.. it was sooooooooo hot and windy. i'm officially blacker than black nowwww *haaaa syedaaa kutuk ahh kutuk!

tak tau dah nak tulis apa...tuju lagu boleh?haha :)

this song is sooo beautiful.

tata guysss ;)

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