Sep 10, 2011


got myself a chino,good price ;') *itu pun terharu huhu
colour = toffee

the thing is i don't know what tshould i wear with this chino.
ha ha ha bless ur soul *masuk lagu crazy skit

this is just a random fitting session, i dont know ..errr..wther the pants and the top matches.. :\
i was just trying..with the help of my lovely baduck, Affeqah :D

ps ; im all alone in the room, so no photographer, but i'll take another shot later.

anddddd i'm so happy that i finnaly got it!
it's so comfy ^_^ *truestory y'all!

and another and.. seriously i need to lose weight! teringin jugak aku nak jadi kurus ahaha

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