Sep 10, 2011

6 again xD

hello guys!
gonna write in English because my stalker can't read in bahasa -.- whatever B*Tch. haha

okay, yesterday I went out with my lovely roomate, Rina Banana :) we went to ikea because i never taste the meatballs and the daim choco.cake.  :( poor me aite? heee I never been to Ikea, seriously! I dont know  why :\

and we bought some interesting stuff. candy to be was awesome!
let me show you the candies..
*drumroll please!
*and trumpet!

willy wonka : sweet tarts
im not a big fan of sweet tarts, but it's sour, so i like it.
but these 2 are for mr Taiki :)

willy wonka : pixy stix
this one is awesome,me likey.

pop rocks
okay this is like the awesomest candy ever!
It pops in ur mouth,imagine explosion in ur mouth.

candy necklace
I've been searching this for YEARS.
It brings back my childhood memory :')

Stick Candy : Root Beer
I'm a BIG fan of rootbeer, i'm like addicted to rootbeer. :)

blow pop : apple
I never taste this one, but I got this feeling,
that it's going to be good.
and SOUR!

I dont know why, but I just love sour candies! sweet tooth me not :]

thnk you rina banana! i had a great time. :]
rina! munn makan kuih raye rina, lapor huhu.
i wuv you!


大気 said...

XD!...and what do you mean by bitch!? XO

cik bulan said...

u're my bitch! :D