Nov 16, 2011


okayyyyy! i'm in my room, hostel. and im bored, im sleepy but i dont wanna sleep. im hungry but i dont feel like eating..because i ate rice with ikan bakar, kfc, and ayam penyet today!. How great is that.... grrrrr. i just cant stop thinking about tempe for now :\ heeeee

firstly, i miss my room. at home :(
patrick, nikibi, dj and muah2.

anddddd i found my hairclip! 

then i bought this,
because i was so sleepy in class today >.<

and cute notebooks! thanks Emak :D

and last but not least,
yours truly.
goodnight ;)
dont let the bugs bite!

ps : how i met your mother #barneystinson:(

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shazzy :) said...

apehal gedik sgt hello kitty tu? haha