Jan 1, 2012

great one!

hello folks.
i love tv series. yep,so much.

a friend introduced me to IT Crowd,a British sitcom,
which is now, on the top of my list :D
yeah this one definitely beat The Big Bang Theory,
im sorry :(
but it's sooooo funny that i couldnt stop laughing hehe

 Roy, Jen, Moss & Douglas.

my favourite character is Moss.
he is so weird!

Chris O'Dowd(Roy) in Gulliver's Travel.

and nowwwwwwwwwww
i can't stop saying 
'Hello IT?' in British slang. hihi

1 comment:

大気 said...

WAH!! I always liked IT crowd better than big bang theory!! watch coupling, its also really funny!!

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