Jun 19, 2011

pak usop, i love you :)

happy father's day to my beloved father , pak usop! ayah, i love u so much, i love u to bits. you are the reason i want to grow up and live my life. You taught me to be a better person. You always give us books about how to manage our money because you never want us to face money problems when we're old. Ayah, i dont know how to repay all your deeds :'(

i'm still like a little girl to you, i'm 20 and i still sit on your lap. even in public. sometimes i feel shy in front of the strangers, but then that is so special. u always kiss me on the cheek, forehead and chin. i love that!

Ayah, i would do anything for you, I will be a good daughter and take care of you and Mak. They have given us a good life. and I'm thankful for that.

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